How not to kill the gambling experience?


Regional U.S. gaming markets continue to sec month-over-month declines in gaming revenues. Analysts tend to blame the weather, the economy, market saturation, increased competition in neighboring states, and of course, Obama for this decline.


What has yet to be cited is that the gaming entertainment experience has fundamentally changed over the past few years, and many casinos no longer deliver the experiences that players have been used to historically.

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Halo 5: Forge comes to Windows 10 in early September


The free Halo 5 map editor will support online combat for up to 16 players on the PC.


When Microsoft announced the Windows 10-based map-making tool Forge—Halo 5: Guardians Edition back in May, we briefly dared hope that the full Halo 5 was finally coming to the PC.

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EA promises Titanfall 2 tweaks in a multiplayer tech test update


The Titanfall 2 multiplayer beta took place this past weekend. You may have read about it.

Electronic Arts says it “learned some valuable things” from the Titanfall 2multiplayer tech test that recently wrapped up on Xbox One and PS4, and is making a number of changes to the game as a result. Some of those changes will appear in the second tech test weekend, while others won’t be seen until the game is fully released.

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