Move On the Online Roulette with Real Money



American Gaming Association announced the list of the most popular games in Las Vegas. It sais that about 75% belong to slot machines, 15 to different card games, such as poker, black jack, etc. And almost equal and less than 10% is divided between dice and roulette. But in spite of statistic data, the game remains as a symbol of Casino and you also can enjoy playing roulette online for money coz it`s played with big money and means big prizes!

There are two kinds of roulette – that is translated from the French its name. Read the followings for getting further knowledge about different kinds of roulette which you can meet also online on Williams Interactive.  In the European version of roulette wheel has 37 cells, of which 18 red and 18 black numbered, and the latter is called “zero” (zero). American Roulette has an extra room – another zero. The casinos everywhere established European roulette, which, oddly enough, we decided to call the US. On the table is lined special roulette playing field on which players make their bets. There may be at least 11 species. The most primitive – on red or black, odd and even numbers on the smaller or larger. They are paid 1 to 1, for every payments you put  in case of winning. The most risky bet – at one of the numbers. In this case, the chance is 1 in 37, but if you win you get 35 times more than the set, plus your bet is for you. Well, if you fall “zero”, the casinos will take all bets.

Playing French roulette in the casino – it’s just a single type of gambling that is different from the American or European. Somehow, when it comes to French roulette, many imagine imperial times, the revolver with one bullet in the drum and desperate daredevils, transmit to each other the right shot. This is hardly a fatal folly game. And the players are more mentally ill than reckless. In place of the game is not quite come no less exciting game in the online casino of the same name. The game is played in real-time using video chat and popularity is superior to other kinds of the gambling fun. There is no need to risk their lives. Now enough desire to play and self-confidence to win in different types of roulette online.

Multiwheel European Roulette Gold Series of online casino games. Available several roulette wheels at the same time, each of which can be turned on or off. Play and eight times faster win eight times more and more. Roulette – classic entertainment for all lovers of gambling casinos. We invite you to play European Roulette and check the degree of your fortune. There are standard rules, rates and payments system.

Professional French Roulette will surprise you with its spectacular and realistic graphics, functionality and a number of settings, user-friendly controls and informative display. Available additional original bet.

American Roulette – very beautiful and high quality online game that is both simple and complicated. Using the two sectors with zero may reduce the chances of winning, but winning amount is significantly increased.

On our game portal, you can play any roulette European, French or American Roulette. This is not a game with the “fatal.”
This game is worth self-confident people, so are winners.



Online Casinos Take Over Mobile Games



While playing online casino games we don’t have an agreement to play the games with cash. This is the fun part of playing online casino games. If you end up preferring particular games then you can play on a daily time with your real money. You have choice to play within the casino sites or experience a Live Casino. Users/Players can have a Test Drive on the games you prefer to play in the future. History of the game you have played is automatically recorded by their reliable computerized system. It saves all of our data while we’re playing. Users can access the online game at any time. There is no distraction while playing online games and makes more focused.

 Gambling Tips

When we agree to play the online casino game then you have probability to lose and win. It will be more worst if one plays and lose all the money and have to come back with nothing. So, it’s better to leave the game if you have played with huge amount of money. Your awareness about win- loss ratio is very important. You should also be aware about your in-going and outgoing transactions from the starting of the casino session that means how much have you spent and how much you have lost. You have to analyze your transactions history to play more or not.

 Selecting Games

There are many online casino games available to users to play at any time. You should choice the type of games which will help you to make most of the money that you have available. Blackjack, craps and Baccarat are some of the preferred games among the online casino games. It’s quite very hard to make big money with small budget in online casino games or you have to be very lucky to strike it. Users must be very careful before putting money on the line and select suitable games for them.

Fun Part of Online Casinos

Anyway the Online casino games are also one of the types of games. Most people find it entertaining than other games available in the market. It is not the type of games like FIFA, NBA, Pac man etc. But there is also fun part of these games. You don’t have to go casinos to play as if you can play from your home relaxing and more focused. If you feel bored playing the same game again and again then you can think twice to change the game and search for other preferable games to play. Anyone can join or register who like to play the games online from their homes in more relaxing way with no distraction like in Real Casinos. Gamblers find it more fun.




New Jersey Eases State Border Regulations for Online Gambling



Good news: while you’ll still have to be in New Jersey to play on the Garden State’s online gambling sites — you won’t have to be as inside them as you would have at the launch of the Internet casinos a few months ago. State gaming officials and casino executives have begun easing the parameters of the geolocation services used to ensure that gamblers participating at the sites are actually within the state’s borders, making it easier to allow those who live right near the borders to take part in the games.

According to 888 Holdings CEO Brian Mattingley, this is not an overnight change, but something that has been slowly improving ever since the sites were launched in November.

“By allowing us a little bit more flexibility and easing the tolerance in that distance, it made it significantly better in the second and third month,” Mattingley said. 888 Holdings is part of a partnership with Caesars Interactive that runs poker and casino sites in New Jersey.

Improvements Helping Revenues

The numbers and revenues coming from online gambling in New Jersey have been somewhat disappointing so far, with a variety of factors contributing to the situation. But analysts and those in the gaming industry saw the potential for growth — both in general, and because some of those issues could be fixed. For instance, technical issues in casino software are largely fixed, more banks are allowing credit and debit cards to be used on the sites, and the geolocation issues that kept many New Jersey citizens from participating seem to be clearing up.

“We have worked with the geolocation vendors and casinos to enhance the technology to make it more accurate and reliable, and to reduce false negatives,” said New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement spokesperson Kerry Langan.

The trickiest part of the geolocation buffer comes on the Delaware River, where casinos must ensure that players are on the Camden side of the river, rather than in Philadelphia. With a large number of potential players in Camden, easing the border has allowed many New Jersey residents access to the Internet casino sites.

All of these changes have helped improve the outlook for New Jersey’s gambling future. Late last week, Fitch Ratings said that it expects the state’s Internet gambling revenues to increase to $200 million during 2014. In the long term, Fitch estimates that the New Jersey market could be worth $500 to $700 million in annual revenues.

Big Jackpots Lure Online Players

Of course, stories of big winners could help spark additional interest in the sites as well. Last week, a man from Monmouth won $84,300 on an online slot machine known as Monopoly Level Up Plus through a Borgata-owned website. That marked the largest jackpot win so far for any player at a New Jersey online casino — though it paled in comparison to a $655,852.28 jackpot won at the Borgata’s Atlantic City brick-and-mortar casino during the same week.

In January, Atlantic City casinos took in $9.5 million from online gambling. February numbers are expected to be released this week. In order to hit the $200 million mark, New Jersey online casino sites would have to average about $17.3 million per month over the rest of 2014.


Delaware Online Gaming Soars 62 Percent in 2016



Delaware online gaming had its best online gaming year to date in 2016. The state’s three internet casino operators collectively generated $3 million in net revenue, a 62 percent premium on 2015.

The strong 12-month run came to a close with yet another solid performance in December. Gaming win came in at $229,987, a 29 percent year-over-year gain and the state’s best month since August.

The First State was the first to legalize online gaming in 2013, but Nevada was first to market after following Delaware’s lead in passing internet casino legislation.

Today, the two states, plus New Jersey, remain the only three jurisdictions in America with authorized internet gambling. The Garden State remains the most dominant market due to its substantial population advantage.

Like Delaware, New Jersey had its best year since its iGaming inception. Online gaming there totaled $196.7 million, a more than 32 percent jump, and helped Atlantic City casinos post their first positive yearly financial summary in a decade.

Nevada only permits internet poker, and while online revenues for the card game aren’t published publicly, the state’s land-based casino sector enjoyed its best year since 2008. December earnings haven’t yet been released, but statewide, Silver State casinos will beat their 2008 performance that totaled $11.59 billion.

Delaware Park Leads Way

Online gaming in Delaware is operated through the state’s three horse racetracks. Dover Downs, Delaware Park, and Harrington Raceway are all racino venues that compliment racing.

Delaware Park, which is located in the northern part of the state near the largest city of Wilmington and roughly 40 miles southwest of Philadelphia, was responsible for $1.4 million of the state’s total iGaming take.


Dover Downs, centrally located along Route 1, the state’s major artery, was second with just a little more than $1 million. Harrington Raceway finished a distant third with $534,000 in earnings.

While Delaware Park is the undisputed 2016 winner, Dover Downs had its moments. The track generated $95,916 in net winnings last month, a slight victory over Delaware Park’s $93,849 total.

But of the 12 months, Delaware Park was the highest earner in 10.

Unpredictable is Predictable

Delaware online gaming revenues fluctuate wildly in terms of percentages due to the small size of the market. Predicting net wins for operators is a difficult task.

For instance, Delaware Park collected $130,501 in August. In September, its total came in at $76,997, a nearly 41 percent drop in just 30 days.

September had five Fridays plus a long Labor Day holiday weekend, and bettors were active on their computers as summer came to an unofficial close. Total wagers totaled over $5 million, substantially more than the $3.15 million bet in August.

But it’s of course all about the win and hold for casino companies, and in September Delaware Park bettors won handsomely on the digital tables. Of the $4.299 million wagered at internet casino tables, $4.288 million was paid out to players.



Pennsylvania Will Legalize Online Gambling “Sometime in March,” Says Lawmaker



As Pennsylvania prepares to receive two online gambling bills, at least one lawmaker believes that the state’s chances of legalizing online gambling are good, and that it will happen soon.

“Sometime in March, we’ll have something done and passed in the House and Senate,” said Senator Mario Scavello, chairman of the Senate Community, Economic and Recreational Development Committee. “It looks like online gaming has the support to pass. We can look at other expansions.”

The state went close last year when an omnibus bill passed twice in the House and projected revenues from online gambling were even written into the budget plan.

That bill, which would also have legalized daily fantasy sports and online lottery sales, while authorizing slots at certain airports, was given some momentum towards the end of the year by a local rev-share problem.

Rev-share Impetus

In September, a Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that tax laws governing revenue-sharing agreements between casinos and their local communities were illegal because they treated casinos unequally.

That left communities without crucial revenues, which the House hoped it could be fixed by the omnibus bill.

The Senate took a more cautious approach and promptly ran out of the time, but the problem persists and needs fixing this year.

Two competing bills are expected to wend their way to the legislature soon, both based largely on last year’s gambling expansion package. Senator Kim Ward (R-Hempfield) and Senator Jay Costa (D-Forest Hills) plan to introduce their respective bills soon.


“I think it’s a natural progression of gaming in Pennsylvania, the next logical step,” Costa told Trib Live this week. “To some degree, both [online gaming and DFS] are already present, particularly fantasy sports. What we’re doing is regulating it. I think the people of Pennsylvania believe this is something that’s appropriate right now.”


Ward Will Aim for Lower Operator Tax

Costa announced his bill was forthcoming last week via a memo to fellow lawmakers. While he says his bill uses its predecessor “as its base,” there is one significant difference: the proposed tax rate on operators will be set at 25 percent, as opposed to the 15 percent proposed by last year’s bill. This would mean operators would struggle to compete with the unregulated market, making it difficult for the new licensed market to thrive.

Senator Ward, whose bill appears to be at a more embryonic stage, is only too aware of that fact.

“They [the casinos] pay enough already,” Ward said, adding that casinos had brought many economic benefits since they were legalized in 2006. “We don’t want to do anything to hurt that.”


Casino birthday cupcakes



Here’s some more cool Casino cupcakes, this time for Genting Casino’s 1st birthday bash. A classic casino-inspired colourway, plus handmade celebratory ‘1’ poker chips, dice and piped card suits.

Here’s some pretty cool Casino cupcakes we did for Shaher. His mum was very insistent on the smooth sugarpaste look, which isn’t our usual bag but they turned out awesome!



Red & Gold cupcakes

All-out Vegas Casino cupcakes are fun of course, but sometimes you might want something a bit more low-key… How about these red and gold cupcakes, alongside a fullsome 8″ Red Velvet cake for Nina’s 40th?



Baha Mar Casino And Hotel begins hiring in the Bahamas



In the Bahamas, the new owner of the under-construction Baha Mar Casino And Hotel has reportedly begun hiring the 1,500 employees it will need in order to open the first phase of the $3.5 billion integrated casino resort in April.

According to a report from The Tribune newspaper, Chow Tai Fook Enterprises Limited started its recruitment efforts on Monday and intends to conduct the entire process online through its website at

Robert Sands, Government And External Affairs Senior Vice-President for Baha Mar Casino And Hotel, reportedly told the local newspaper that the venue is initially looking to fill positions for its golf course, casino and hotel but encouraged those seeking positions in other areas to “still apply” as it plans to hire “thousands more persons” over “the coming months”.

“Basically, we will be launching the whole recruitment process and everyone will have to apply online,” Sands told The Tribune. “The website will be going live [and] it is a fairly easy process. We will initially be looking at jobs for the golf course, the casino, the convention center and the casino-hotel but if you are not in those fields you should still apply but those will be the jobs that are filled first. So, initially 1,500 persons will be hired for our April 21 proposed opening date but thousands more will be hired after that.”

Initially a project of BMD Holdings with funding from China Export-Import Bank, Baha Mar Casino And Hotel with its 1,800 rooms was initially scheduled to open for business in 2014 but ran into delays and difficulties that ultimately led to it filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protections in a Delaware court in 2015. The developer, which was headed by real estate billionaire Sarkis Izmirlian, subsequently blamed these problems on China State Construction Engineering Corporation and its China Construction America Bahamas subsidiary before submitting an unsuccessful offer designed to resurrect the development.

In a move that it hoped would protect the economy of the Bahamas, Prime Minister Perry Christie’s government ultimately liquidated the entire project on New Providence Island in October before signing a deal with Chow Tai Fook Enterprises Limited two months later. This share purchase agreement saw the Hong Kong-based conglomerate, which has a presence in global real estate, hospitality, transportation and casino businesses, assume full ownership of the giant project before announcing that it intended to open the Caribbean facility from late-April.

Sands reportedly told The Tribune that Chow Tai Fook Enterprises Limited remains dedicated to the success of Baha Mar Casino And Hotel and is “very optimistic” about meeting the April 21 opening date.

For his part, Christie welcomed the news and reportedly proclaimed that Chow Tai Fook Enterprises Limited is engaged in negotiations with respected firms such as Hyatt Hotels Corporation, SLS Hotels and Rosewood Hotels And Resorts about operating some of the facilities at Baha Mar Casino And Hotel.

“The hirings are to facilitate the phased opening of 1,800 rooms at the conference and casino-hotel, the casino, the convention center and the golf course and employment of up to 3,300 by August of 2017 and 4,300 by December of 2017 when all components have been completed and opened,” Christie told the newspaper.

Christies additionally told The Tribune that Chow Tai Fook Enterprises Limited has committed to spending up to $200 million on “pre-opening festivities, development of family amenities, entertainment and offshore island facilities and demolition and redevelopment of the former Crystal Palace Hotel”.

“With these additional investments completed, the project will have created 5,700 new direct jobs and an additional 4,160 indirect and inducted jobs,” Christie told the newspaper.